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3 Nigerian Beauty Influencers You Should Follow On Instagram

Nigerian beauty influencers have been been changing the game for years now. One post will not even do justice to this topic,it will not cover the number of beauty influencers the industry has at the moment.

This post is about the influencers that I can relate to, I have also been following them for a lot of years and I love their content.

What does it mean to be an influencer/beauty influencer?

A beauty influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others,in this case ‘within the beauty industry’ because of his/her knowledge,position or relationship with his/her audience.

I personally feel that it is best to stay withing a particular niche,if you’re looking to become an influencer.

  • @Dimmaumeh

Dimma Umeh has always been one of my favourites (right from when her blog was still ‘thatigbochick’).She is a beauty,fashion and lifestyle blogger/Youtuber.

She has a YouTube channel with over 200k subscribers. On her channel,she does makeup tutorials,product reviews of local and international brands (including hair) and talks about several lifestyle topics.

I love her reviews because they are always purely honest,I have been stuck to her for quite a number of years to know that.

Her Instagram feed is very organized and simple,it just looks effortlessly subtle and fresh. I love it,I love her blog,I love her channel,I just really admire and I’m inspired by her.

For everyone reading this,you need to check her out ‘HERE

  • @Lolaoj

Lolaoj is a beauty influencer I heard about 3 years ago,I think that was about the time she started her YouTube channel,she has well over 12k subscribers on her channel.

She vlogs about everything beauty & lifestyle,she does makeup tutorials on her channel as well. I personally love her because she is real and she’s really good at what she does.

A little icing on the cake, is the fact that she is a lawyer!

Her style is also worthy of attention.

On her Instagram,you will find several hair looks,outfits, makeup looks and just a lot of creative content.

If you’re reading this post,you totally need to check her out ‘HERE

  • @Beautyinlagos

BeautyInLagos is a blog ran by Ezinne Alfa. I have been glued to her blog since 2014 (or 2015) that I saw her on SpiceTv Africa.

Guysss,as at 2015 or thereabout her blog had well over a million views.

On her blog,You will find everything beauty related – from manicure Mondays,to product reviews,beauty spots & directory,beauty tips,beauty trends,tutorials, discounted beauty services and just a whole lot of amazing stuff.

BiL is a community for beauty lovers.

Her Instagram is also beautifully curated.

Over the years,BiL has worked on collaborations and partnerships with international and local brands like Ford motors, House of Tara,M.A.C and Carolina Herrera (just to mention a few).

Are you a beauty lover? Yes!definitely (otherwise,you won’t be reading this post) So don’t hesitate to check out BiL’s page ‘HERE

I’d like to drop my pen here. I hope you are inspired from everything you just saw and read,especially for those of you that are looking to become brand influencers in the beauty industry.

You can still read more about these influencers (and others) – How they started and how they are where they are now,I am pretty sure you’d learn one or two things by doing that.

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|Thank you for reading| Xx


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