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6 Non-basic Ways To Style Your Sneakers

Guys it’s been a long time since I last made a post, actually it feels like a decade.

Asides having to write 10 exams within the space of eight days, and nearly having a nervous breakdown before the launch of the first edition of The BSF Stylebook, I am also just getting over a cold I caught some days ago.

In a nutshell, let me just say ‘A lot has been going on, Okrrrr?’

I’m so glad to be back, and hope to be more consistent. Today I’ll be talking about 6 non-basic ways to style your sneakers.

By now, you guys should know that looking ‘fly‘ or being stylish is not about having a flooding wardrobe *literally*. It’s about how you style what you have.

With all that said, let’s get right into the business of the day, shall we??

Mini skirt/shorts + Top of your choice + Jacket/blazer + Sneakers

Whether you’re wearing your sneakers with a mini skirt or shorts, and any top of your choice (although the top will define the outcome of your outfit) be rest assured that these have got you covered for any casual outing.

You can throw on a jacket or blazer to further make a statement.

Midi skirt/culottes + Top of your choice + Sneakers

The BSF Stylebook

I personally love this combo because I feel it’s comfortable yet very stylish for the laid-back girls, as well as the bold and daring.

It’s just not regular.

Midi dress + Jacket/blazer + Sneakers

This combo to me is the thin line that exists between casual and semi-formal, although that mostly depends on your dress.

If your dress is structured, you will definitely make a statement with this.

Office pants + Top of your choice + Sneakers

Unlike the former, this combo is the thin line that exists between casual and formal, but it mostly depends on the top of your choice.

With this combo, you get to choose the statement you want to make.

Blazer dress/mini gown + Sneakers

I can’t explain how much I love this look, and I can’t wait to get my own blazer dress.

With heels or with sneakers, a blazer dress is one of the wardrobe staples every stylish girl should own.

Crop top + Joggers/combat pants/mom jeans + Blazer/jacket + Sneakers

Jennie Jenkins

This combo is inclusive, whether you are a girly girl or an advocate of comfort, this has got you covered.


* Cool shades and accessories are guaranteed to take any outfit from 70 to 100 any day, any time.

* Investing in some cool structured bags is a decision you will never regret.

* Your hair and makeup/skin always play a vital role in making you look good.

That’s all for today guys…

• • •

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Thank you for reading, xoxo.


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