Hello there! I am Petra Okelola.

I think I’m going to tell a quick story here. A few years back, I started Brownstyleblog as a platform to express myself.

I’ve always wanted to know what is up in the fashion industry, beauty world, latest trends, and the skincare journey I need to go on, to achieve the perfect glass skin I really want. I realized that I wanted the world to know about my personal style and what I have to say about the fashion/beauty industry.

I have come to realize that by trying to answer my own questions, solve my own problems and share my own opinions and tips, I would be solving the same problem(s) for many other people, and that I love! It’s my drive.

I am here now, and hope you enjoy everything I’d be serving, from my personal style, to celebrity style to my portfolio as a fashion stylist, makeup & skincare tips, style tips, product reviews, trends, and a whole lot more!

I hope we all grow together and enjoy this roller coaster ride.


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