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Woman Crush Wednesday – Nyane Lebajoa

Guyss,I really really love Nyane,I just can’ ❤😍

Nyane,age 24,hails from the UK and is currently based in Germany. She is one of my beauty icons,I love her hair looks,makeup looks and of course! Her skin glow.. Nyane has literally rocked all the hair colors I’ve ever thought of (okay,almost all). All the colors of the rainbow even!

Nyane is the founder and creative director of MOOD,which provides customers with Nyane’s favorite hair looks and is now evolving into a full-scale hair and hair care brand. She is the founder and creative director of a fashion venture ‘Nyane’,Nyane is also a co-founder and creative director of creative agency ‘Nyphi.Media’ alongside Philip Hill.

Nyane has had brand collaborations reaching from beauty brands like smashbox and fashion brands like revolve,she’s a social media (digital) influencer and tastemaker,model,entrepreneur, blogger and fashion designer.

Keep scrolling to see some of my fave picks from Nyane’s hair and makeup looks,I hope you can take all the beauty that’s cominggg…

Next (week) Wednesday, I’m going to be sharing another post on Nyane’s style because she’s a real big style inspiration to me as well. Stay glued!

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