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Current Denim Trends + July Goals

Denim trends?! Yes girl!

Some years back I could swear that I had no reason to check on any trends that had to do with denim ‘isn’t denim just about getting the right skinnies’ I thought..

Now that I know better, I’ll be sharing in this post ‘top 6 denim trends of the season‘.

Denim change gif

The good thing about denim trends is the fact that you may already have one or two of them lying around in your wardrobe.

Let’s get right into it!

1• Straight leg denim

Straight leg denim

I particularly love straight leg denim because regardless of how your body is built, it’s always an effortless piece to look fly in.

Also, for someone like me that has tiny legs and doesn’t necessarily want to flaunt them always, straight leg denim is a really good option.

Denim trends

2• Cargo pants

Cargo denim trends

Before I ever found out that this is a big trend at the moment, I have been asking questions on where I could get cargo pants, I guess I have to double my search now.

I feel that this piece is a great way to create an appearance of a fuller/wider lower body.

Isn’t that one of every girl’s style goal?!

Cargo pants

3• Denim with slits

Denim trends with slits

Of all the denim trends, this one in particular is one I’m not really in love with, but will not mind trying if I come across one.

Denim skirt with slits

Denim with slits

It’s chic and may work well to create a classy-edgy look if properly styled.

4• Colored denim

Colored denim trend

For a while, I haven’t really noticed people in colored denims. I have actually always been a fan.

Although, I’m particular about what colors look good on my skin. My first call is always white, I have dark green denim as well.

Colored denim trends

5• Wide leg denim

Wide leg denim

Of all the denim trends, I’d call this the ‘go bold or go home‘ piece.

If properly styled, you’ll command a lot of good attention. If you can take that, you are good to go!

It’s also a great style to create a fuller lower body look.

Wide leg denim trend

6• Denim bermuda/cargo shorts

Cargo shorts denim trends

This has to be the simplest of all the denim trends, a great way to show off them beautiful legs!

This piece is versatile, easy to wear and really chic.

I have bermuda shorts in pink and I’ll definitely be wearing it more this month.

Bermuda shorts trend


What!? June was only a minute.

It went by so fast, I almost can’t believe it’s gone.

I had some goals for June, most of which I accomplished and I am so happy about that.

Did you see my ‘June goals’ post? If no, it’s all good.. You can still read it here HERE.

What I learnt in June

1• To let go

Letting go in June

To genuinely let go of people and things that hold a negative or heavy space in my heart, for the sake of my own peace.

Especially when it involves forgiving, forgetting and letting go of false hope.

2• To ask

July goals

I learnt to ask more, especially people who can relate to situations or ideas I needed/need help with or more knowledge on.

I am now a fan of constructive criticism.

3• To keep investing

Quote on self investment

I kept and will keep acquiring as much knowledge as can help me now or in the future, by reading more books and following people whose lifestyle inspire me.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of adding values to yourself, it never gets old.

4• Self love

Self love July goals

I consciously tried to love myself more, accept things I can’t change about myself and work on flaws I can change, while celebrating my best qualities.

Not having self love is really toxic. Very toxic for you. You’ve got to know your worth!

Those are the 4 major things I learnt in June.


July goals quote

  1. To be more consistent with posting
  2. To avoid procrastination
  3. To keep investing in myself
  4. To keep improving on self love
  5. To finish up my business plan
  6. To be more flexible and spontaneous in living generally, not worrying too much about the future.
  7. To speak up more about things done to me by friends, that I don’t like or appreciate.

That’s all for this post!

How was June for you? I’d really love to know, please let me in on your June experience in the comment section below.

•|Thank you for reading|•

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