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Do dark women really have their nudes?

Dark women having their own range of nudes has (almost) always been an issue.

Although,there are so many brands that now have quite a variety of shades for dark women,it’s still a cause for concern.

Sometimes,makeup artistes still resort to mixing different shades of lip colors,foundation and even concealers to suite the skin tone of whomever they are working on. Even our favourite dark skinned beauty Youtube vloggers sometimes resort to this too. It’s kind of a struggle really.

For me,my personal struggle is finding my perfect foundation match from the brands I want to buy.

Until recently, nude lipsticks were typically made for,and marketed to customers with fair to light, and sometimes medium skin.

Away from beauty products,even with under wears and other items,it’s sort of a struggle to get one’s skin match as a dark woman,brands are not really paying so much attention to it.

Jackie Aina,a beauty influencer recently said that beige shades are default representation of nude across many brands.

She also points out that for most dark women,a lip color has to be complemented with a dark brown lip liner to get the right nude,it’s a technique women of color have to learn,so the standard nude lipstick doesn’t look pasty on the lips.

Jackie also added that it’s vital for beauty brands to represent all of their consumers across ALL cosmetic products.

Jackie said it all!

We can only hope that our favourite brands pay more attention to this.

Brands like Fenty Beauty,Nars,NYX cosmetics (just to mention a few) are really stepping up the game,when it comes to a larger spectrum of skin tones and we commend them for this.

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