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Hot hair color trends of the season

Every girl always wants to know what the ‘hot hair trend of the season’ is.

Sometimes,I spend hours just searching on what’s in for the season,not to necessarily have it or get it done,but,just to keep up with trends.

A couple of weeks back,I found myself searching for what’s in this season for hair. I’m going to compile every single one that looked good to me ,or simply caught my attention.

Be sure that every trend you see on this BrownStyleBlog is what’s really in,I always check on fashion forward pages,beauty influencers,runways,top magazines and people before completing any post on trends.

I am going to start with the top hair color trends that are going to be huge this year. In my next post,I’ll be talking more about the styles.

  • Ashy silver – this could be a really tricky color,if you aren’t careful about the shade,but if you get the shade right,trust me,you’ll love yourself a little more every single time you wear it. I once had a gray-silver wig and it was beautiful.

  • Black – I honestly feel both black and white girls can slay black hair any way they choose to.

  • Coral – by now,you already know that pantone declared ‘living coral’ as the color of 2019. Since then,coral has taken over the beauty and fashion scenes. If you want to know more about this color forecast ,click THIS. Although,I’m not sure if this color would sit well on dark skinned girls. If you’ve tried it and it looked great,please drop a comment below.

  • Golden copper – personally,I think golden copper will sit well on dark skinned girls, better than coral.

  • Blonde – if you cannot get the perfect blonde shade,do not try it. I have a complete guide on choosing the perfect blonde shade for girls of every color,click THIS to read it. Expect to see blonde of all shades this year,from strawberry blonde to honey blonde,golden blonde,dirty blonde and even creamy blonde.

  • Chocolate – when I saw chocolate made it to this list,I got really excited. For some of us dark skinned girls,chocolate works even more magic than black.

  • Lilac – I don’t really have much to say about this mix,except that it’s really bold and beautiful. If you have tried this mix,please drop a comment below.

  • Dirty brunette this color is beautiful enough to conclude this list,I absolutely love it,especially it’s versatility.

Note – when it comes to hair, you have to go bold or go home!

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