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How Do Creatives In Nigeria Make Money? (II)

Creatives in Nigeria all deserve medals, I said this before, and I’m saying it again.

Did you see the first part of ‘how do creatives in Nigeria make money‘? If no, you really should check it out, you can read it HERE.

In that post, I discussed how photographers and fashion designers make money in Nigeria.

Photographers in Nigeria

Today I will be talking more on how fashion/personal stylists and makeup artists make their cash.

I hope you guys know that asides photographers and fashion designers, fashion stylists and makeup artists also make up a great percentage of creatives in Nigeria.

Fashion/personal styling

My styling

Let me quickly let you guys know that in 2016, and very briefly in 2018, I dabbled into fashion/personal styling for a bit. I’d say I wasn’t so serious with it though, but I was also clueless.

Tips from me to you as regards styling

1• Broaden your style Horizons

Tip on how to make money as a creative in Nigeria

By looking up inspiring fashion accounts on social media, or it could just be by reading more fashion articles and magazines.

2• Sharpen your sense of style and add a lot of creativity.

3• Pick a niche

Picking a niche in styling

There’s bridal styling, men & women’s casual, event styling, celebrity styling and lots more. With time, you can expand.. But be known and established in a particular niche first.

4• Do a lot of free jobs to build your portfolio, and let your images be top-quality.

5• Pay a lot of attention to social media

Social media for creatives

Grow your followers, organise your feeds and engage with your followers.

6• Infuse creativity into the pictures you take for your feeds and portfolio, don’t just stand and strike a pose in a boring area, be creative!!

7• Approach some influences to style them for free, if they like your work, they will share the pictures with their followers- among which you have potential clients.

8• Be consistent!!!

9• Publicity and growth

Tip on how to make money as a creative in Nigeria

Instead of trying to compete with more established stylists, work with them (collaborations) cook up great concepts and approach them, promote your most liked pictures as well.

Apply to fashion stores, fashion brands or fashion events to intern or to work as a stylist for them (for the experience & network).

10• Go out to places that matter

Networking to make money

Meet people, socialize and let them know what you do. In no time, you will start getting calls and opportunities.

11• Represent your brand by improving your own personal style.

12• Where does the money come from? Read numbers 5,7,9 and 10 above. It is also advisable that you have your rate card prepared before you start getting calls.

Your rate card should contain the fastest way to any potential clients heart, it could be your follower-count on social media, or a brief mention of notable people you’ve worked it, plus the price tags for your services (which should vary according to the effort or time you’ll put into delivering that type of service).

Ultimate tips

Tip on how to make money as a creative in Nigeria

  • Make friends with a good photographer and even models.
  • You will get a lot of NOs and disappointments, but don’t ever stop, keep running with the vision.
  • Have your vision defined and goals set.

All of these tips I wrote above, I didn’t know a couple of months back, I am so glad I finally get them, and to be able to share them with you guys, makes me really happy! I just might look into styling again when I have gotten all in order.

Makeup artists

Makeup artists in Nigeria

I have several close friends who are makeup artists in Nigeria, some I go to do jobs with, some I just keep up with via calls. The tips you will be reading below are taken from the work experiences of 4 different makeup artistes.

Tips you need

1• Decide on a niche

Deciding on a niche as a creative

There is fashion makeup, theatre makeup, body makeup, editorial makeup and a whole lot more to choose from.

2• Acquire the necessary skill from very skilled hands.

3• Invest in good products.

4• You will have to do some free jobs in the beginning to help you build your portfolio.

5• Social media has to be your friend

Tip on how to make money as a creative in Nigeria

Look to more established makeup artists for inspiration, post pictures of your work and organise your feeds to taste, engage with your followers and make sure to promote your most liked looks. Make sure your images are top quality.

6• Be creative with your looks and photography, you’ve got to be versatile!

7•Let people know you have more to offer

Letting people know you in Nigeria

It could be teaching your clients how to care for their skin, uploading makeup tutorials on your IG TV or even starting a YouTube channel to that effect.

8• Reach out to beauty brands and more established makeup artistes or YouTubers for collaborations.

9• Go out and network, go to the right places, meet new people, and let them know what you do. In no time, you’ll be getting calls and opportunities.

10• Reach out to influencers you can do free makeovers for

Using influencers to your advantage in Nigeria

If they like your work, they will most likely let their followers know about you, and that will go a really long way for you.

11• Now where does the money come from? From jobs! Where do jobs come from? read numbers 5-9 above.

Ultimate tips

Tip on how to make money as a creative in Nigeria

  • Keep growing, let go of the NOs you get and never stop running with the vision.
  • Define the vision and set goals.

This brings us to the end of today’s post on ‘how do creatives in Nigeria make money’.

This is the second post on the creatives in Nigeria series. As I mentioned earlier, the first part was on photographers and fashion designers, you can read it HERE.

I hope you found this post helpful, if you did, please don’t forget to share!

Is there a creative career you still want to see featured in this series? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Tip on how to make money as a creative in Nigeria

If I do not know much about it, I might know an expert in that field who can help me on a post.

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