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How To Apply Foundation Like A Makeup Artist

Foundation when applied properly should look like your second skin. The goal with foundation is to get people saying ‘Omg! Your skin looks great NOT your makeup looks awesome’.

Whether or not you have imperfections like sunburns, hyper pigmented patches or breakout scars. It is basic knowledge every girl should possess.

Makeup flat lay

For days you also want to go all out with your facebeat, you need to remember that your foundation is the finishing/starting touch that could make or mar your entire look.

This post is a compilation of techniques I’ve gotten from working with different friends who are makeup artists, as well as great research work.

So let’s get right into it! Shall we?

Foundation DON’Ts.


1• Skip moisturizing:

Apply foundation like a makeup artist

Moisturizing whether or not you have oily skin is a total must to achieve a flawless foundation look. It helps provides the perfect base for your foundation to spread more easily.

2• Skip primer:

Primer makeup step

This keeps your foundation intact for as long as you need it to.

Apply just a little amount of primer with your fingertips and let your skin absorb it for a minute or so, before you proceed with your makeup.

3• Wear the wrong foundation shade:

Apply foundation like a makeup artist

Your foundation shade should never be too dark or too light, even if it means blending two or more shades to get the perfect match. Always test your foundation shade on your jawline first.

4• Stop your foundation right on your jaw:

Stopping foundation on jaw line

Try as much as possible to blend your foundation down towards your neck, it makes the color transition look more natural. Don’t ignore the area around your mouth too.

5• Pack a lot of foundation on your face:

Apply foundation like a makeup artist

Apply a generous amount first, then blend, if you notice areas that still need more product, add a little bit more and blend again.

Till you get the perfect polished look.

Foundation DOs

Foundation DOs

1• Take care of your skin. By cleansing & exfoliating regularly ( this could even be done right before you apply your moisturizer).

2• Don’t paint the foundation onto your face, dab/buff it in using whatever tool you’re most comfortable with- your fingertips, beauty blender or foundation brush.

It’s really not about the tool, it’s about the process.

3• Blend your foundation from the centre of your face and move outward to your cheeks.

4• Sop up excess oil with blotting papers, then apply a lightweight translucent powder (this sets your foundation & keeps it in place for as long as you want).

Application of powder should be done with a brush.

Extra Tips

Extra tips on how to apply foundation like a makeup artist

• Always use good lighting for your foundation. Natural light is considered the best as it exposes all uncovered areas, as well as gives you better room for blending.

• Purely for effect, you can blend a cream highlighter into your foundation on the parts of your face that naturally catches light, such as your cheekbones, temples and cupid’s bow.

A cream highlighter is preferable in this case, because it would blend in much better than a powder highlighter.

• Clean your tools as often as you can. Using dirty tools is constantly packing up bacteria onto your face, and that’s really bad for your face.

Personal tip from me to you!

Flawless foundation or not, don’t get so used to covering up flaws on your face, that you forget to take care of your skin, and deal with the problem areas of your face.

I still have some stubborn sunburn patches I’m dealing with, so I fell a victim of covering up for a long time.

It’s only lately I started to realize that nothing produces the perfect polished look, better than a healthy/near-flawless/flawless face.

This would be all for today guys!

I hope you found this post helpful.

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