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June Goals + Nail Trends Of The Season

June is here guys! Wow,I really cannot believe we are actually in the sixth month of 2019.

This just makes me want to evaluate – how much have I achieved? Where do I stand? How much do I still have to do?

Hello june pic

I was definitely among those who made resolutions at the beginning of the year,it seems like that was just yesterday,but it’s June already. This year is really moving so fast.

Have I learnt anything so far?

Thinking gif

To say I have not learnt anything so far will be a total lie to myself. In fact, I would say I learnt more than I could ever imagine,in just the past 5 months.

1• I learnt to invest more in myself

Investing in self

By consistently adding value to myself; doing a lot of research on the business areas I want to go into,reading articles on self development,reading books by entrepreneurs that motivate me,even randomly getting knowledge from the bible!

I have been taking conscious steps to add value to myself every single day.

2• I learnt and still learning to be patient

Learning patience in June

To stop reacting or speaking out of anger,to listen to two sides of any story before drawing conclusions or judging.

I have always been one to say ‘the most’ when I’m angry,and I was always quick to draw conclusions,these two always caused a lot of drama in my friendships.

I am consciously learning to be more patient now,in order to have more peaceful and stable relationships with people.

3• Self love

Self love gif

I have been struggling with self love for years,but I have figured that ;

‘If you don’t love yourself and everything that makes you yourself, you will think anyone that loves or even likes you is doing you a favour, and then you’ll end up sticking around just anyone, including toxic people,because you feel like you are not the best and you cannot have better’

Not having self love is really toxic,it’s bad and nothing good ever comes out of it,it also kills your self esteem.

Self love in June

I am consciously putting a lot of effort into loving myself,accepting flaws I can’t change, working on weaknesses that can become strengths and focusing so much on the things I love about myself,things that make me different and beautiful.

Goals for June

Know your worth

  • Definitely to love myself more and be more confident
  • To keep investing in myself
  • To let patience become a part of me
  • To cultivate a better saving habit
  • To be very disciplined.

Over to the juiciest part of this post…

Nail trends of the season

Trends never stop coming up,the fashion and beauty industry just keeps evolving and that’s a good thing.

Although,my take on trends is;

‘If it is not me,then it doesn’t work for me’

I am open to trying out new trends only if they fit into my personal style or beauty preferences.

Honestly, you do not have to try out every single trend,you will loose your own authenticity in style. Also, your $avings might suffer from such habit.

Saving quote

Some of the spring nail trends that have already started surfacing even before June are;

Dark nail shades – in black and dark berries.

Black nails trend

Dark nails trend

Berry nails trend

Nudes – nudes that look like they are barely there.

Nude nails trend

Nude nails trend for june

Nude nails trend

Nude nails with special effects – so glam!

Detailed nails trend

Special effects nails trend

Nude glitter nails trend

Color pop – neons, bright coral, pastels.

Neon green nails trend

Bright coral nails trend

Pastel color nails trend for june

Crystal embellishments – where my diamonds at?

Embellished nails trends

Embellished nails trend for June

Metallics/shine – go bold or go home.

Metallic nails trend

Shiny nails trend

Trending nails

That’s all for this post.

(AIC – Pinterest)

The neon green nails are really charging me up though,I love them.

Neon green nails trend

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