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Let’s Talk About The Stylebook, Shall We?

I have always had struggles deciding what to wear when I’m in a hurry, or when I’m under pressure to look good. I don’t get the most of my looks unless they have been planned prior to when I need to wear them.

What is interesting about this?! There are hundreds to thousands of other people like me! Who need a wardrobe assistant.

The stylebook is the total Package yo! All Styles are relatable (you probably already have some of these items) directories + price list are provided, discounts available, styling tips are also available (this tips you will not find anywhere else).

Let us be your wardrobe assistant, because we are here to maximize your style with minimal effort

More about the stylebook

The stylebook is a wardrobe assistant here to maximize your style with minimal effort.

This issue(edition) themed ‘retro/altérnative‘ showcases a combination of accessible, versatile items for 12 male and female looks.

How do you access the stylebook? by becoming a member!!

To become a member, all you have to do is subscribe to the blog, as a subscriber you do not only get all access to the BSF stylebook.

But also access to our monthly contests & giveaways, fashion & beauty directories + price list, skincare & beauty hacks, style tips & tricks, product reviews, what is going down where, steal her/his style series (steal your favourite celeb’s looks without the cost), business tips & tricks in our business category titled ‘rants of an amateur business mogul’ *Becauseee.. What do I know?*

That brings us to the end of this post!

Guys, watch out for more posts on the stylebook and make sure to subscribe!

Sending love & light your way. Xx


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