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My 3 Years’ Experience As A Blogger IN Nigeria

To be a blogger in Nigeria is not as easy as it may seem to a lot of people, especially when you pick a highly competitive niche such as fashion.

This is a topic I’ve been itching to talk about for months!

I started blogging in 2016 (I was almost clueless though), I wrote only a few posts that year. In 2017, I don’t think I wrote up to five posts in total. In 2018, I started understanding so much more about blogging, by researching and talking to the right people.

Mistakes I made over the years

A blogger in Nigeria

  • Consistency: all these years, I never quite understood that to grow in blogging, you would have to be very consistent and disciplined. The most successful bloggers in Nigeria and other countries write at least one post everyday, that’s how they got where they are, consistency!
  • Quality

Quality of blogging

When I first started blogging, I thought I could get away with any kind of imagery, as long as the writeup itself made sense, but that didn’t work.

The pictures are really important, because that’s what brings the writeup to life, and also what keeps your post from looking too clustered for a reader.

Although, I still don’t have a lot of originals (photos of me or by me) I now get copyright-free high resolution images from dedicated websites, to compliment my posts.

  • Free platform

Blogging on a free platform in Nigeria

My blog was until early this year, I bought my domain and paid for hosting. The free platform I was on, was the reason I had the ‘’ attached to my domain.

On the free platform, I could not do any search engine optimizations, so I wasn’t getting traffic from search engines at all.

  • Site design

Screenshot of my blog

My 3 years' experience as a blogger in Nigeria

I am really happy with my blog’s design now, it’s a paid theme from Pipdig. What I have right now is definitely better than what I used to have.

It was a real struggle trying to pick from a bunch of free themes over the years.

  • Social media

Social media for bloggers

I have always been a low key person, I hardly had posts on Instagram, I wasn’t on a lot of social media platforms, I didn’t really care about my follower count or engagement, and that was a really big mistake!

Fashion/beauty are highly competitive niches, you would have to leverage traffic from search engines, as well as learn how to convert your followers on social media into readers of your blog.

This is something bloggers in Nigeria and other countries are already mastering.

  • Relying on self

My 3 years' experience as a blogger in Nigeria

For the longest time, I thought I had it all figured out, I thought I understood my readers and what they want from me.

I didn’t really focus a lot of my posts specially on analytics (age, preferences, location) and that was also a big mistake.

I also wasn’t looking so much into what other fashion bloggers in Nigeria were doing, how they structured their content, how they focused on social media and all that.

So I was working, but in the wrong direction.

Ultimate guide to picking a niche

Guide to picking a niche as a blogger

Whatever subject matter (niche) you will choose to blog about, be sure you’re passionate about it, only your passion will sustain you before opportunities and money starts coming.

If you’re choosing to blog about fashion/beauty specifically, be sure to embrace the virtue of patience. It’s a really competitive niche, and it will take quality and consistency to become relevant and to start raking in traffic, compared to other types of blogs. This is something I only recently came to terms with.

Ultimately, whatever your niche is, especially as a blogger in Nigeria, ensure you’re providing your readers immense value, entertainment or solutions, that’s the only way your blog will stand the test of time.

What I have learnt & still improving on as a blogger in Nigeria

My 3 years' experience as a blogger in Nigeria

  • I am now learning how to structure my posts according to the analytics of my readers (age, gender, location, interests).
  • I am also learning how to be more consistent.
  • Learning a lot on how to put out more valuable and interesting posts.
  • Learning so much on what to post on social media, when to post and how to organise my feeds.
  • I am learning more about driving traffic to my blog from search engines and social media.
  • Looking up more creatives and bloggers in Nigeria as a source of inspiration and to determine my competitive advantage.

My blogging goals for the next 5 months

What my goals are?

  • To make posts that my readers can relate more to.
  • To have more originals (photos of me or by me).
  • Double up my followers on social media by posting strategically, which in turn may improve my blog traffic.
  • To let you guys in on the project I’ve been working on.
  • Improving my blog traffic from search engine.

How to make money as a blogger in Nigeria & other countries

How to make money as a blogger in Nigeria

I have to let you guys know first that you can never survive blogging if your main drive is to make money, it never happens that fast, it takes consistency, patience and growth.

The first time I ever made money through my blog was about 2 years ago, a reader messaged me and told me that she’d like me to guide her when next she goes skincare/makeup shopping, the day finally came and she paid for the service, I got referrals from her and it was amazing.

The other thing my blog has opened me up to is opportunities, I have had several people/friends invite me over to their sets, to help with styling and basically help in planning outfits to involve trending pieces.

Trending pieces in fashion

I have had others involve me in their brands because of posts they’ve read on my blog and what they perceive I know.

I am grateful for these and many more.

Although, I want to focus on understanding my readers and improving my social media following and traffic first, I will still list for you guys, the different ways I intend to make and through which other Nigeria-based bloggers make money through their blogs.

Let’s get right into it;

  • Brand collaborations: working with like brands, to put out great content for a common goal.
  • Product reviews/sponsored posts

How to make money as a blogger in Nigeria

Creating content sponsored content by a brand so you help them market a new or existing product. The payment could be in cash or they could gift you with some of the products, sometimes it could be both.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Sharing links to products of affiliate brands on your blog, for each sale the brand makes through your link, you will get a small cut depending on the agreement.

  • Google AdSense

Google AdSense for making money in Nigeria

You would have to apply for this, if your application is accepted, google will have advert banners in specific parts of your blog that you will allocate them. You get a small cut for each click on the ad or per the amount of people reached by the ad (impression).

  • Personal banner ads: you can also put up advert banners in specific areas on your blog, for brands you work with, for a fixed cost.
  • Creating an e-book: you can create an e-book or online course on a topic or topics you know your readers will be interested in, for a small fee.
  • Branching out properly into fashion/personal styling or fashion business consultancy.

Other ways to branch out if you’re not running a fashion blog are;

You can branch out into consultancy if you’ve gained expertise from blogging about business.

You can branch out into makeup artistry if you’ve gained expertise from beauty blogging, and acquired the necessary skill.

Branch out into photography if you’ve gained expertise on taking and editing pictures.

You can even launch your very own product line if you’ve mastered the art of ads, affiliates, marketing and influencing other people’s brands.

Branching out as a blogger in Nigeria

The possibilities are endless!

This brings us to the end of ‘my 3 years’ experience as a blogger In Nigeria’. I hope you found this post helpful, if you did, please don’t forget to share!

Is there a creative career you still want to see featured in the creatives in Nigeria series? Please let me know in the comments section below.

I might know an expert in that field, who can help me whip up a post.

Meanwhile, did you know my previous post was on ‘how fashion/personal stylists and makeup artists in Nigeria make their money‘? You can read the post HERE.

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