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Style Trends 2019- September Edition

Whoosh! It’s been a minute here..

In my post today, you’ll find the latest style trends of 2019, this is the first September edition. It is also the first time I’m featuring female as well as male style trends in a post and I’m really excited about it.

I enjoy posts on style trends, and I hope you guys do too. It’s not always so we can buy the latest pieces, but just to have an idea of what’s current and put the knowledge of it to good use, especially in shopping or styling yourself.

With that said, let’s proceed to ‘style trends 2019’, shall we?

Style trends 2019 (female)

•Boxer blazer

I have to be very honest about this trend- I actually find it classy, and with the right size and styling, I think any female can pull this off, it just totally depends on where you’re going, and if you’re ready to make a fashion statement.


Checks have been in for a while now. Although I’ve always been a fan of plaid, I also think these are really cool.

They come in pants, blazers, skirts, jumpsuits, dungarees, they come in almost everything now, which makes them more versatile and easier to pull off.

Bermuda shorts

Okay, Bermuda shorts have also been in for quite a long time, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere, anytime soon, and why should they even go? Bermuda shorts are a great piece for any day/ any time casual wear.


Zebra print- Style trend 2019

Leather as we all know can easily make anyone look expensive. Invest in quality leather pieces and you will never regret it.

Truth is, with leather you don’t have to go overboard with your styling, just a simple piece with anything leather will take you instantly from 0 to 80.

Zebra prints

I am really happy that finally we’ll be seeing more of zebra prints than leopard/cheetah/snake skin prints, just because I feel we’ve had enough of those prints.

Zebra prints now is like a breath of fresh air and I’m loving it.

Style trends 2019 (male)

Super shorts

This trend has a lot of emphasis on ‘Super Short‘ because guys, this trend did not come to play! It’s either you go short or you go home!

I find this trend really attractive, I mean, girls have been trying this since god-knows-when so I think it’s safe for guys to also try something new.

Suits with bare chest


This one really wowed me, I mean I’ve seen this look in several magazines over the years, I just didn’t see it as something that will come outside magazines/runways that guys can actually wear out.

With this one, you have to rock the look to pull it off.

Uneven shirting


I feel like I’ve seen this on fashion-forward guys I know, even girls try the uneven tuck-in, where you have a piece of your shirt tucked in properly and the other side randomly flying or not so tucked.

This just makes you look not so regular.

Camp collar shirt

I’m not really an expert with male fashion, but I know that this is a different collar cut and it’s laid-back, doesn’t look too serious and would pass for a fly casual look any day/any time.

Leather & animal prints

It’s not just girls on this leather/animal prints wave, guys are also rocking animal prints now, more than I even expected and it doesn’t look bad on them at all.



To be honest, before this post I didn’t know what these pieces were called, but I really admired them on guys I saw them on.

I must say, they are great pieces that could easily take your outfit from a casual 20 to a stylish 70 or 80.

Style trends 2019- male/female accessories

What is a fly outfit without the right accessories?

Below, you’ll be seeing accessories/pieces that have been trending for guys and girls over the past few weeks/months.

Bucket hats

Sporty/Rectangular/Square sunglasses

Style trends 2019- male accessories

Chains in layers


Pouch bags

Style trends 2019- female accessories

•Pearl jewelry

•Small shoulder bags

•Neon accessories


•Micro bags

Layered chains

Style trends Instagram

Because Instagram is now the go-to place for most fashionistas and individuals seeking fashion/style inspiration.

It would not add up to leave Instagram trends out of this post. So below, you will find style trends for guys and girls that have gotten major attention on the GRAM over the past few weeks/months.


This brings us to the end of the ‘style trends 2019’ post, I really hope that you guys found this post exciting as much as I did, and that you picked a styling tip or two from any one of the pictures above.

Did you see my previous post on denim trends? If no, you missed out on a lot, but you can still read it HERE.

Like I always say, not every trend is for everyone. You should define your personal style- what really fits you, colours and cuts that suit you, so that when new trends come, you don’t just become a jack-of-all-trends.

You should be able to find your style in the midst of every trend that comes.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Sending love and light your way. Xx


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