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TGIF: Styles & Memes That Will Crack You Up

TGIF! Cheers to the weekend guys!

How has your week been so far? Mine has been hectic AF, I had a series of tests, and I’m also preparing for the launch of XXXX. I’ll let you guys in on this real soon.

I’ve been thinking of a way to have a happy Friday, then I thought of looking up funny memes, and so I compiled a list of the funniest memes and quotes I came across today, just for you guys!

Be prepared to laugh your guts out (literally).. Again TGIF!

TGIF- top Friday quote

Friday ever so fast

Okay guys, I am very positive that I’m not the only human who tries to understand why Monday is so far from Friday, but Friday is so near to Monday. This is one of those things we should just accept right? Anyways TGIF.

TGIF- funniest fashion memes & quotes

Memes that will crack you up

This made me laugh so hard because I can actually relate, sometimes I feel really bad for the chair, but then the bed suffers more, soooo..

Styles that will crack you up

Lol. Daydreamzzzz

Styles that will crack you up

This is so unfair, nowadays clothes have become more about who is wearing them rather than what the design actually is. What are your thoughts on this?

Friday fun

I’m definitely not on this train, whenever my wallet says no, no it is!

TGIF have a good laugh

The leather jacket is a part of the life she imagined.

Quotes that will crack you up

On some days it’s comfort over anything else. do you agree with ‘fashion is pain‘?

TGIF standard

Interpret this however you like, but make sure to send this to people who are always about standards #power quotes.

Fashion that will crack you up

Fashion that will crack you up

They say it’s ‘high fashion‘ it’s not for the shallow minded, but now look..

TGIF have a good laugh

I know right!!

TGIF have a good laugh

Does it ever happen though??

Showoff TGIF

Show off much?!

Mothers funny quote

‘You look good my dear’ ‘it fits you’ ‘this is what you should wear’. Motherss..

TGIF have a good laugh

Hmmm #TGIF

I love JB, but WTF!! This meme is apt!

Kanye joke

I like Kanye (because I love Kim K) but we all know what it is…

TGIF have a good laugh

Best of both worlds

Why do you want to eat your cake and have it? Am I off point?? LOL

Our dear pepperoni #TGIF


This happens a lot to me guys, when I have a nice wrist piece on, but I have to wear a long sleeve top or shirt. Sigh, can you relate to this feeling though?

We still don't want you

L.O.L..Nahh, we still don’t want you!

Styles for your Friday

Think about it.

LOL, who needs protection?

TGIF have a good laugh

TGIF extra

TGIF extra post

Okay, on a more serious note guys, this generation has become something else, our generation has literally become something else.

These days even depression is cool, a whole lot of people feel like they should be part of people that are depressed, that it’s a cool train to ride in..

We even see this message being passed to teenagers/young adults in a lot of movies now, people are being sensitized on the fact that trying to be depressed or pretending to be depressed or actively trying to act bipolar or thinking about suicide is not cool.

Some people are really going through stuff, but some people are just doing this for attention.

Above all else, protect your mental health guys, because a lot of these feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts and all are actually real, to those that it may concern. #Ihavebeenthere

TGIF have a good laugh

Guard your thoughts and things you consume on social media, also look out for your friends, for those that need therapy, for those that need a good friend, a shoulder to lean on.

Be there for them, and most importantly, be there for yourself, you really need it too.

This brings us to the end of this post guys, I hope that you had a really good laugh.

References & image credits; Boredpanda,, Pinterest.

Do you guys have any suggestions on what you’d want to see more of in my subsequent TGIF posts, I’d really appreciate some suggestions and I’ll be looking out for any in the comments section below.

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