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The best blondes for black girls 

Hey guys! It’s been ageess..😩

I know I have been absent for a long while ‘again’ but that’s story for another day.

After a lot of research on the hair colors that would trend till the end of the year and probably beyond,I found that blonde in all its shades is the thang.

I’m putting up this post for us dark skinned girls that almost always scream ‘no’ when we hear anything about blonde hair,I’m going to be writing about the best blonde shade for every skin tone,with a little more attention on dark skinned girls,Yaasss!

If you have no idea on where to start (about blonde hair) try taking clues from your skin’s undertone ,simply look at the veins on your inner wrist,if they look greenish/purplish ,then you are most likely warm toned. If they look bluish ,you probably are on the cool tone side. If you have a mix of 2 or 3 of these tones,you have a neutral undertone. I personally feel most dark skinned girls have warm undertones, but please take this simple wrist test to be sure!

For cool undertone/light/pale/pinky skin

The following blonde shades will work magic on you;

  • Silver blonde


  • Pastel pink


  • Icy blue


  • Champagne blonde


  • Frosted blonde 


  • Baby blonde


  • Platinum blonde


  • Rose gold blonde


Other blonde shades that go well with light skin or cool undertone are; pearl blonde, ash blonde, sandy blonde,spotlight blonde, light copper blonde.

For medium or warm undertone/golden/dark skin 
To work the black girl magic and actually make your melanin POP,try blonde in the following shades;

  • Platinum blonde


  • Honey blonde



  • Butter blonde


  • Golden blonde


  • Caramel blonde


  • Rose gold blonde


  • Beige blonde

  • Opalescent blonde

Other blonde shades that go well with dark skin or warm undertone are ; blue blonde, strawberry blonde, chocolate blonde,peach blonde.

For neutral undertone
For an absolutely flawless blonde look,try the following shades;

  • Neutral blonde


  • Pale peach blonde


  • Butter blonde


  • Beige blonde


Other blonde shades that go well with neutral undertone are; rosegold blonde,caramel blonde, bronze blonde,champagne blonde.


  • Before you begin your blonde hair journey, be sure to be ready to maintain it.
  • Ombre is also never a bad option,it’s more low maintenance than all blonde.

I really hope you enjoyed this post.

All images : Pinterest

Black girl photo credit: Lebajoa❤

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