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The Hype About Euphoria Makeup Looks

Euphoria makeup looks… If you haven’t seen this randomly on the Gram or on YouTube lately, then what have you even been up to?!

In this post, you’ll be enjoying various Euphoria makeup looks, as much as I could find during my search.

Soo.. What is Euphoria?


Euphoria is an American teen drama television series that focuses on the phases young adults go through, including drug addiction, toxic relationships, depression and a whole lot more.

The series Stars Zendaya (who is the narrator in the series) as well as other amazing actors. It premiered on HBO on June 16 2019, and in July 19 2019, the series was renewed for a second season.

The composers of the movie are Labrinth, Gustave Rudman and Rambah. By now, you probably have heard that Drake is one of the executive producers of the movie.

Each episode of the series lasts for about 54 to 61 minutes.

Euphoria makeup looks

I am not going to pretend like I’m a really big fan of Euphoria, because I’ve only seen two episodes of the series. BUT, I am a beauty enthusiast so I’m excited about this post.

I strongly feel the reason Euphoria makeup looks have become a thing all over the internet, on red carpets, and now on the runway is because of the statement each look makes.

The looks are bold, abstract, captivating and beaUtiful. Euphoria makeup looks broke some of the rules makeup enthusiasts have always lived by, like ‘bold lips should not go with bold eyes‘.

Hype on Euphoria makeup looks

More interestingly, the makeup artist behind the Euphoria makeup looks ‘Doniella Davy‘ says her vision for Euphoria is to use makeup to help define each character’s persona, and tell the story of their ongoing personal struggles (and she nailed it!).

An example can be seen in episode 1, Rue’s (Zendaya) makeup is wild with glitter tears dripping down her cheeks, the glitter tears become a sort of trademark for her because they are very much representative of her struggles with addiction, she chases a high that calms her racing mind.


The glitter is a perfect representation for that euphoric feeling she gets. Don’t you think?

Basic beauty is over guys!!

Over to the looks..


Rue in Euphoria


Cassie in Euphoria


Jules in Euphoria


Maddy in Euphoria


Kat in Euphoria
Kat in Euphoria

Other Euphoria inspired makeup looks

Like I mentioned earlier, looks inspired by Euphoria have taken over the runways,YouTube and red carpets recently.

Keep scrolling to see which of the looks may also inspire you

Hype on Euphoria makeup looks
Hype on Euphoria makeup looks
Trending makeup looks
Trending editorial looks
Rhinestones from euphoria

This brings us to the end of the post.

Thank you for reading.

What do you guys really think about Euphoria makeup looks? is it too much? Perfect interpretation? Or just abstract? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

(Sources & photo credits; Iam&Co,, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Refinery29).

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