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Trend Alert For The New Week

Trend alert! This post includes the beauty trends that have taken over the world of beauty in the past few weeks.

By now,you already know that in the fashion and beauty industry,trends are ever changing. With the way things keep changing, it could be difficult to even up,but as enthusiasts,we never get tired right?

Let’s get right into it!

Makeup trends

Bright eyes

Blue eye shadow trend for the week

Pink eye shadow trend for the week

Trend alert for the week

Colorful eye shadows like hot pinks,purple,platinum, teal,orange,green,cherry and gold are colors that scream summer! And have been seen on top beauty girls and makeup artists that are known to be trend setters.

Gold eye-shadow trend for the new week

Personally,I have always loved gold and orange eye shadows because they look really good on my brown skin,go gold or go home ladies!


Bronzer trend alert

We should all pay more attention to contouring and bronzing this season. We have given so much attention to highlighters and illuminators in the past months, that I think bronzers are also crying for attention.

Not only will your face look snatched,it is actually supposed to be part of your makeup routine.

Virgin brows

Natural brows trend

Virgin brows trend

Trending or not. If you know me,you’ll know I’ve always been a fan of this and I am so glad they are trending on runways now.

Virgin brows trend alert for the new week

Move away ‘perfect’ Instagram brows!


Glitter eyes trend alert

Sparkling eye makeup in sharp shapes have been a major inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2019 runways.

‘No make-up’ makeup look

Need I say much about this though?

No makeup look

No makeup look trend for the new week

I am actually a fan of this minimal beauty look,I think it makes anyone look effortlessly beautiful.


Natural freckles for the new week

Freckles have been a thing for a while now,so many beauty YouTubers showing us how to do fake freckles.

Freckles trend alert

This has been a trend on recent runways as well,fake freckles or nah?

Statement lips

Orange statement lips

I really love this trend,bare eyes and statement lips is a yes from me,anytime,any day!

Statement lips trend alert for the new week

Black statement lips

On the Spring/Summer catwalks,statement lips come in either rich power shades or happy brights.

Hair trends

Wearable wet hair look

Wet hair look for the new week

Wet hair look in a bun

This is a recurring trend on the runway. It can be quite tricky though, but with the right weaves,products and hair stylist,any girl can actually rock this.

Long braids for the win!

Long braids trend alert

Long braids

Long box twists alert for the new week

This trend in recent times has been worn low and long.

Polished perfection

Polished hair trend for the new wek

Polished curly hair

Sleek is back with maximum shine. It will take really good hair or weaves,products and hair stylist to get this one right.

Sleek ponytail

But it is totally worth it,right?

Natural movement

What is your natural hair like?

Natural black hair

Embrace it more this season,in it’s best form of cause!

Natural hair trend alert

Natural hair trend alert for the new week

Brunette natural hair

I have been transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair for about a year now, and I have embraced cornrows more than I ever thought I would.

Playful colors

Yellow hair color

This is a sure trend for Spring/Summer. Think of all the glam and attention this will bring,whether as weaves,braids,or just dyeing your hair.

Orange hair color for summer

Colored braids trend alert for the new week

Don’t be scared (this is also me speaking to myself). I really would love to dye my hair before the end of 2019.

Hair accessories

Hair scarves

Red hair scarf

We have to move a bit from chic clips to hair scarves now,hair scarves are the new thing!

What I love about this? It’s an easy way to experiment. It’s chic,elegant and oh so stylish. It also feels like a very good summer accessory.

Nail trends


Extra juice!

Boxy shirts

Crop boxy shirts

Swap your basic classic button down shirts for squared off and boxy styles this season.

These are very versatile pieces and will be a sophisticated addition to your holiday/Summer wardrobe.

Boxy shirts trend alert

Boxy shirts trend alert for the new week

To be honest, what I really love about this trend in particular is – no matter your body shape,size or tummy concerns,you are good to go!

Want to see more fashion trends of the season,link HERE.

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