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WCW; Anastasia Soare + Lessons From Her Success Story

Anastasia Soare,age 61,is a Romanian-American businesswoman, CEO and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics line.

Anastasia also known as the ‘Eyebrow Queen’ is worth a whooping sum of $1.2billion (as of June 2019,by Forbes).

Who is Anastasia Soare?

Anastasia Soare

Born in Romania and mother to one daughter, Anastasia was once married to Victor Soare in 1978 but they got divorced in 1994.

Anastasia lost her mum at an early age of 12. Her father owned a tailoring shop. She studied Art History & Architecture in Romania.

How it all started

Anastasia success story

At the age of 18,Anastasia Soare entered for the job as an aesthetician at a beauty salon in Beverly Hills,as soon as she started her job,she realised that eyebrows were an underexploited area.

She began a technique that groomed women’s brows according to their facial structure and natural brow shape.

WCW; brow chart

Soon after that,she rented a room in a Beverly Hills salon where she provided facials,body waxing and eyebrow sculpting.

Lessons from Anastasia Soare

By 1997,she was running her own Beverly Hills salon as a beautician, her first two clients were – Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

Anastasia Soare and Naomi Campbell

Anastasia Soare later founded Anastasia Beverly Hills beauty brand in 1997. It is now a brand available in over 2000 stores internationally. In 2016,Anastasia declared that she owned 100% of the company.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills beauty brand produces a wide range of cosmetics now,they include; eye-shadow palettes,eyebrow gels,eyebrow pencils, primers,glow kits,highlighters,lip sticks and so many more.

Lessons to learn from Anastasia Soare

Anastasia Beverly Hills products

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products

Her daughter ‘Claudia Soare’ is the president of the company. ABH till date is best known for its eyebrow products.

Claudia Soare

Anastasia Soare and Claudia Soare

As of January 2019,Anastasia Beverly Hills had the most popular Instagram page in the beauty industry,with over 18.6 million followers.

WCW - Anastasia Soare on Instagram

Anastasia Soare success story

What I have learnt from Anastasia Soare’s story

Lessons learnt from Anastasia Soare success story

• She launched her career by providing solutions to problems she saw existed then. No wonder she is usually referred to as the ‘Eyebrow Queen’.

If your business idea will solve a problem or add great value to your consumers,your business will grow and with time become very profitable.

As time goes on,you might see even more problems that you can provide solutions to.

You know who else took advantage of problem solving to become a multimillionaire in the beauty industry? Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty.

Lessons for her success story

Read her inspiring story too,link HERE.

• ABH has collaborated with a few social media beauty influencers.

Anastasia Soare collaboration

In 2016,ABH collaborated with ‘Makeup by Mario’ to create a master eye-shadow palette,which was announced through Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat account. Mario has been Kardashian’s make-up artist for many years.

Anastasia Beverly Hills collaboration

This is amongst many other collaborations.

And you know what influencers do? They bring exposure and potential consumers to your brand.

Quote on influence

That’s all for today guys!

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I really hope you were inspired by this story.

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