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Why You Should Take A Creative Break

A creative break? What does that even mean? I know this and many other questions just popped in your mind, but it’s all good, I’ve got you covered. I am going to be answering every possible question as regards the topic in this post.

Let’s start with who a creative is..

Quote on creatives

A creative is an individual who is capable of thinking up new and valuable ideas, or new methods of approach to existing problems.

For the longest time, I thought a creative had to be a painter, writer or musician, but I was wrong. A creative is one who sees the world a little differently than others.

Characteristics of a creative

Character of creatives
  • Creatives are energetic mentally and physically, yet very focused.
  • Creatives spend time thinking outside the box.
  • They may be playful, but are very disciplined.
  • They are realistic Dreamers.
  • Creatives maybe a mix of introvert and extrovert.
  • They may be proud about their achievements and ideas, yet modest.
  • They are really passionate about their work/what they do.
  • Creatives are sensitive, flexible, open to learning and new experiences.
  • They are known to break rules and boundaries, and set new standards for people to follow (they are leaders).

Why do we need creatives?

What creatives do to others

We honestly need creatives to take on more influential positions in several industries all over the world, because they help us see life in a new light, provide creative solutions to problems and are generally leaders.

Different types of creative careers

  • In design
Floral design creative

Architect, Fashion Designer, Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Floral Designer, Art Director.

  • In fine arts
Photographer creative

Cartoonist, Sculptor, Photographer, Illustrator, Tattoo Artist.

  • In multimedia
Multimedia creative

Special Effects Artist, Animator, Web Developer, Mobile App Developer, Videographer, Video Game Designer.

  • In writing and communication
Communication creative

Marketing Manager, Advertising Director, Screenwriter, Scriptwriter, Public Relations Specialist, Editor.

  • Creative jobs in performing arts
Makeup artist

Director, Film Editor, Makeup Artist, Actor, Music Composer, Singer, Choreographer.

  • In fashion
Fashion stylist

Editorial Assistant, Design Assistant, Fashion/Personal Stylist, Fashion Writer, Fashion Public Relations, Hair Stylist Blogger.

With all said, even after ascertaining for sure that your work/job allows or needs you to be a creative, it is very easy for a major creative block to creep in sometimes, and this may lead you into thinking that you are not worth it.

Take a break

To be very honest, being a creative is a lot sometimes, a whole lot! I’ve had times when I just could not get the juices flowing to come up with a new post or something. I have also had my own share of self doubt.

What is a creative block?

What is creative block?

This is a condition in which a creative loses the ability to produce new ideas /work or experiences a creative slowdown. If not properly dealt with, a creative block could go on for years.


Why you should take a creative break
  • Running out of inspiration
  • Repeated rejection of one’s work
  • Stress
  • The need for perfection
  • Life/career changes such as physical illness, depression, financial pressure, breakups, sense of failure or the unknown.


  • Take a break

It won’t hurt to take a few steps back from a project, to rest physically and mentally, step away from work for just the amount of time that will do you good, and you will come back with a clear head, more ideas and more optimism.

  • Don’t try to execute all ideas at once, finish one before the next. Instead of trying to complete all at once, get your ideas down on paper.
  • Inject some life/fun into your work.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Look to other creatives for ideas.
  • Expand your mind.
  • Try a different approach.
  • Push boundaries, get a fresh perspective, and broaden your horizons.
  • Sleep on it when you can.
  • Drink water and just breathe! take time off to relax once in a while. Don’t be so hard on yourself darling.

I hope that you found this post helpful, and that by now you have figured out ‘why you should take a creative break’.

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