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Woman Crush Wednesday – Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is an American business woman,35 years of age with a net worth of $250million (as at 2016).

Guys,you already know by now that I share stories of these successful women purely to inspire/motivate.

Who is Sophia Amoruso?

Boss lady Sophia Amoruso

Sophia is of Greek,Italian and Portuguese descent, who at an early age was diagnosed of ADHD [depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] she had to drop out of school and she began homeschooling.

Sophia in her teen years took on various jobs including working in a bookstore.

Quote by Amoruso

As a young adult, Amoruso lived a nomadic lifestyle, which involved a lot of activities including stealing. In 2003,while living in Portland, she was caught stealing in the store she worked, and the loss-prevention department of the store fined her,the experience led her to stop stealing.

Finally,while attending community college,she worked in the Academy of Arts University lobby,checking student IDs.

Sophia got married to Joel Jarek in 2015 and the couple got divorced in 2016.

How it all started

Amoruso in blue

At age 22,while working as a security guard at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, Sophia opened an online eBay store,which she called ‘Nasty Gal Vintaged‘,she sold used vintage clothing and other items.

She styled,photographed,captured and shipped the products herself.

eBay by sophia

In 2008,Amoruso says she was banned from eBay for posting hyperlinks in feedbacks to customers, this led her to launch her very own retail website ‘Nasty Gal‘.

Nasty Gal experienced speedy and massive growth, grossing $223,000 to $23million from 2008 to 2011. New York Times named her ‘a Cinderella of tech’.

Sophia Amoruso

In 2013,Business Insider also named Sophia one of the sexist CEOs alive. In 2014,her autobiography was published by Portfolio and the book remained a best-seller for several weeks.

Girlboss launch

In 2016,she announced that Netflix would be adapting her earlier published autobiography into a television series called ‘GIRLBOSS’,but it was cancelled after one season.

In 2015,Sophia Amoruso announced she was stepping down as CEO of Nasty Gal and in November 2016,the company reportedly filed for bankruptcy protection.

Quote by Amoruso

In 2017,Nasty Gal was purchased by a Boohoo Group for over $20milliom and it remained in Los Angeles with continued production of apparel,shoes and accessories under it’s own brand.

Also in 2017,Sophia fully started her new company #GIRLBOSS,which specialises in creating editorial content,videos and podcasts aimed at a female audience.

Speech by Sophia Amoruso

It is also dedicated to advising and empowering women on wellness,beauty,careers and more. See more here>>

Since 2017,Amoruso has held several Girlboss rallies,which are weekend long instructional events for young entrepreneurs for around $500-$800.

Girlboss has kept Amoruso going till date.

What I learnt from her story;

Clapping gif

The most important lesson I learnt from Sophia Amoruso’s story must be perseverance. Never to give up, never to stop seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, to always keep pushing till you get your goals out of life,no matter how bad or tough it gets.

I hope this also struck a chord in your heart!

Quote by Amoruso

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